Writers unite

Why unite?

Has This Ever Happened to You?

  • A publication accepts your story idea, you write the piece, they decide not to use it; you get nothing or a small percentage of your fee.
  • You are asked to rewrite your piece to meet a new editorial agenda — for no additional fee.
  • You meet your deadline, and then you wait for payment — for months, and months, and months.
  • A tech publisher insists you commit yourself full time, but refuses to pay you benefits.
  • Your publisher sell the electronic rights to your work without your knowledge or permission.
  • You are offered a contract that (unless you have a law degree) leaves you completely confused about your rights, your royalties, and other important provisions.

Do You Want to Know More About…

  • Story and book proposals
  • Finding, evaluating, and dealing with publishers and agents
  • Contracting with publishers, editors, and agents
  • Copyright, fair use, and infringement
  • Doing research on the Internet
  • Writing for the World Wide Web
  • Alternatives to mainstream publishing
  • Writers resources

Then check out these benefits of joining NWU

  • Journalism and book contract advisors who can advise you in negotiations with editors, publishers, and agents, and review your contracts before you sign
  • Grievance services from a specialist who will represent you in conflicts with publishers and agents
  • Free access, by phone or Internet, to a job hotline that lists writing jobs throughout the country
  • A database that locates and evaluates literary agents nationwide
  • Press credentials for working journalists
  • Discounts on computers, software, car rentals, and delivery services, and a special low-rate long distance telephone service through our affiliation with the UAW
  • And, most important of all, the knowledge that you are part of an organization working to improve the working lives and economic well-being of freelance writers like you


  • A chance to meet other writers and share information and support
  • A volunteer mentoring program that can help you find answers to your writing questions, and even advance your career
  • Authoritative information and advice on subjects as copyright, how to negotiate a writing contract, and more
  • Free contract reviews by trained advisors
  • An extensive database of literary agents, including members’ ratings of their performance
  • Skilled assistance in ironing out disagreements with editors and pubilshers
  • Workshops and conferences to help you sharpen your creative and business skills
  • The certain knowledge that no one in the chapter will ever ask when you’re going to get a real job
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